60S Ophthalmologist

  • US Army Medical Department
  • USA
  • Sep 18, 2019
Full time Ophthalmology

Job Description

60S Ophthalmologist – Reserve


 Play a Vital Role in the Lives of our Nation’s Defenders


Help preserve our Soldiers’ vision. As an ophthalmologist and officer on the U.S. Army Reserve health care team, you’ll examine and treat ocular injuries and diseases. You’ll have opportunities to work with some of the most innovative technology in the industry and practice at world-class medical facilities, all while developing advanced skills.  Most importantly, you’ll come to know the pride that comes with serving your country and making a difference in the lives of Soldiers and their families.


The Army Reserve provides you the opportunity to continue to work in your community and serve when needed. You’ll train to become a leader in your specialized field while enjoying the privileges that come with being an officer. And, with the support of our collaborative health care professionals, you can build your career without concerns about overhead costs and malpractice insurance premiums.


Benefits include, $75,000 special pay, paid annually in increments of $25,000 for up to a total of three years (Must have completed a residency program in your specialty), up to $250,000 for repayment of education loans (up to $40,000 maximum per year), specialized training assistance and a monthly stipend of more than 2,275 while enrolled in an accredited residency program.


To learn more, contact our Recruiting Team at usarmy.meade.usarec.list.9av1@mail.mil