Emailer Schedule

Every month we send emails to different physician specialties. Here is a list of the specialties we will be targeting over the next few months.

Email Schedule by Month

October 2019

Emergency Medicine Surgery Surg Onc/Traume/NeuorSurg

November 2019

Family Practice Gastroenterology Orthopedic Surgery

December 2019

Obstetrician/Gynecologist Internal Medicine IM - Pediatrics

January 2020

Emergency Medicine PM&R - Pain Management Radiology & Radiation Oncology

February 2020

Family Practice Orthopedic Surgery Ear Nose and Throat

March 2020

Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dermatology Infectious Disease

April 2020

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Urology

May 2020

Psychiatry Pediatrics Ped SubSpecialties

June 2020

Pulmonology Ophthalmology Maternal Fetal Medicine

July 2020

Cardiology Rheumatology Anesthesiology

August 2020

Oncology Gynecological Oncology Hematology & Oncology

September 2020

Neurology Endocrinology Nephrology

Email Schedule by Specialty

Anesthesiology July
Cardiology July
Child Psychology May
Dermatology March
Emergency Medicine January, October
Endocrinology September
Family Practice February, November
Gastroenterology November
Gynecological Oncology August
HemOnc August
Infectious Disease March
Internal Medicine April, December
Internal Medicine - Pediatrics April, December
Maternal Fetal Medicine June
Nephrology September
Neurology September
Neurological Surgery October
OB March, December
Oncology August
Ophthalmology June
Orthopedic Surgery February, November
Otolaryngology February
Pediatrics May
Pediatrics Subs May
PM&R - Pain Management January, October
Psychiatry May
Pulmonology June
Radiation Oncology January
Radiology January
Rheumatology July
Surgery - Oncology October
Surgery October
Trauma Surgery October
Urology April
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