NES Health

NES Healthcare understands having a career in healthcare, and especially in emergency medicine requires commitment. Providing quality medical care to patients begins with a commitment to quality. At NES we pride ourselves in mirroring that commitment. We ensure quality improvements for our hospital clients, quality of care to patients, and providing a quality career culture for our medical providers.

Our executive and clinical leadership ensure all providers are continuously encouraged, supported, and capable of achieving success in any career goal. Providing quality care to hospitals and the communities they serve is our mission as an organization, but that mission cannot be executed successfully without our clinicians and we work diligently to create and maintain an environment where our providers want to stay and grow along side with us.

NES Health has a lot to offer and working with us will prove to be a different experience than what you will encounter with the bigger companies in the industry.  We take pride in developing relationships and value our providers as a person and with respect – not just a commodity used to generate revenue. Physician owned, directed and managed, NES Health helps you attain your career aspirations through leadership, education and the mentoring required for you to advance as an emergency medicine professional.