The Most In-Demand and Growing Medical Specialties Needed Today and Over the Next Decade

The Most In-Demand and Growing Medical Specialties Needed Today and Over the Next Decade

The Most In-Demand and Growing Medical Specialties Needed Today and Over the Next Decade

Doctor shortage stories have begun to dominate the news cycles, according to, the University of Missouri could receive up to $5 million in federal funding to help with an impending decline in primary care physicians available to treat the “Show Me State’s” aging population. In rural Arizona, a hospital in Benson was facing closure due to a doctor pipeline issue according to In California, the Mercury News reports a worsening physician shortage especially in primary care. Specifically, what are the top medical specialties needed right now and over the next decade?

The List of Most In-Demand Medical Specialties

According to, the top five most demanded medical specialties include: family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN). The only surprise on the list is psychiatry as primary care demand is widely reported across the U.S.

The next, six most in-demand medical specialties may not be a surprise either as neurology, radiology, gastroenterology (GI), geriatrics and pediatrics makes the list. Finishing out the most-needed physician list the nation is facing is in the fields of: anesthesiology, urology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery and pulmonology.

According to, the report is based on data gathered from 50 metropolitan statistical areas and 15 medical specialties according to the number of job postings on the Doximity network in 2017 and analyzed data on approximately 8,000 physician jobs posted on Doximity in 2017 and 2018. Doximity’s official website lists them as a network of over 1 million U.S. healthcare professionals as verified members and the largest networks of MDs and other healthcare professionals. 

Growth Rate in Medical Specialties

The Doximity blog recently reported physician jobs to grow 15 percent over the next decade, including a 164 percent growth rate in geriatrics specialists and a 23 percent growth increase in cardiology fields. The report lists other sky-rocketing growth rates in urology (23 percent), oncology (45 percent), hematology (39 percent), OB-GYN (31 percent), gastroenterology (GI) at a (27 percent) increase, occupational medicine (26 percent), endocrinology and neurosurgery (25 percent).  features an easily navigable website portal, free from the nuisance of recruiter jobs. Instead of being pitched the same job by several recruiters, clients save valuable time by working with one source in physician staffing with no recruitment fees attached.

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