Perm vs Locums

Perm vs Locums


Looking for a placeholder or the dream job?

 Locum tenens placement vs. landing a landmark position –

 Short staffed, the two words together can make healthcare organizations cringe. While locum tenens placement benefit both medical doctors and hospital systems short term, landing a more permanent option can launch doctors into a career and workplace plentiful with fruits of stability, long-term. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of locum-tenens providers includes:

  • A higher hourly rate, upwards of $32 more per hour than a long term position as a medical doctor or advanced practitioner.
  • After 60-days, locum-tenens physicians must be credentialed and enrolled.
  • Unpredictability in terms of future work. Locum tenens is Latin and translates to “placeholder.”
  • New responsibilities which must be grasped in a super-short amount of time.

 Advantages of medical doctors or advanced practitioners employed with a permanent job include:

  • Credentialing and enrollment into insurance programs is often taken care of during the on-boarding process.
  • Time to connect and develop a lasting relationship with patients.
  • Financially rewarding and lucrative jobs generally exist in areas with an above average payer mix while locum-tenens is temporary and most employed this way enjoy bouncing from opportunity to opportunity while enjoying freedoms like travel and sightseeing.
  • Benefits: health, 401-K, stock options, bonuses and opportunities for growth.

 Working locum tenens can help to fend off exhaustion as some locum tenens positions only require 40-hours during a work week while they’re permanent job counterparts work mostly above 40-hours per week. Another benefit of a permanent position only has to work to find medical doctor or advanced practitioner jobs once every few years.  features an easily navigable website portal, free from the nuisance of recruiter jobs. Instead of being pitched the same job by several recruiters, clients save valuable time by working with one source in physician staffing with no recruitment fees attached.

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